Who Is Capt. Oliver H. Jobson?

Capt Jobson ADC 1970 (3)Oliver H. Jobson, is a spiritual, positive, vibrant, warm, motivator and author, trained in hypnosis, leadership and management. He is regarded as a modest and purposeful thinker who, as early as the age of 7, was fascinated by the cycle of Birth and Death, coupled with a near death experience (NDE) that fueled his curiosity to life and service. His various Meditation courses guide participants in achieving a life of joy and happiness by eliminating stress and confusion from mental, emotional, and stressful situations, coined so aptly by Bob Marley as mental slavery. As a speaker, his passion stimulates a reawakening of consciousness to Rediscover the  Self. From childhood he was adamant to discover:

1) The purpose of life.

2) The distinction between God and Jesus Christ.

3) The original concept of religion.

4) Where his soul originated and ended.

As a young man, Oliver immersed  himself in his Roman Catholic Religion as an Alter boy and by age 13 he began studying Eastern Philosophy and meditation under the guidance of a Yogi. Having two near death experiences awakened him to a much deeper and greater reality than the drudgery and confines of a mundane life.

Today his passion is to awaken those to:

1) Critical thinking and personal values to relieve Stress.

2) Show that we are all greater than the limitations of a physical body.

3) Demonstrate that mind, thought and Consciousness is Energy in manifestation.

4) The existence of a Vivifying power of Light throughout all creation.

5) Share how to draw on the Universal knowledge for our Daily Bread.

6) Expand our level of Consciousness.

His personal goal is to:

1) Achieve and maintain a state of God and Cosmic Consciousness.

2) Share his journey.

3) Give council to those who seek it.

Career fulfillment:

Oliver is an author of two self awareness books. He guides many to a life of joy and happiness by teaching how to eliminate mental, emotional, and stressful blocks. He helps those facing life challenges to surmount personal and business obstacles. An effective speaker, he awakens audiences to critical thinking on deep subjects to do with the mind, spirit and action. He teaches meditation and its many variations to relieve stress and maintain balance. As a mystic he guides specific aspirants on techniques to experience a state of Cosmic Consciousness having been blessed with the faculties of:

  • Discernment (acute comprehension and understanding),
  • Compassion (ability to feel the emotion of situations) and
  • Intuition (immediate insight through perception).

Training, Experience and Philosophy:

Oliver H. Jobson at 0600 hrs on way to Ganges River in Hardiwar, IndiaAt an early age, Oliver H. Jobson was guided into UFO activity and communication and became engrossed with ET life. He began training with the Ancient Mystical Order Rosa Crusis (AMORC) that eventually lead him into the study of the Esoteric Mysteries that included Kabbalah and Mystical Judaism, Metaphysics and Ontology.

He began meditating during his early teenage years and was further trained in:

  • Transcendental Meditation;
  • Meditation through the personal guidance of Sri Chinmoy Kumar Gose who, years later, became the official Guru for the United Nations;
  • Training in Vipassana Meditation in Hyderabad, India,
  • Training at the Ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, India.