Saved from Suicide by the Lord's Prayer
Charles Handal –

Great life account showing the difference between religion and spirituality
Lorna Honecker –

This is a book filled with delight and insight. It is an inspiration and will be enjoyed and appreciated by all who read it. It has left me with a sense of peace and power. I think it will do the same for you!
Book Gal –

Provocative from start to finish, Jobson’s latest offering pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. Written in clean and engaging prose, he cuts open the proverbial vein to share some of the most personal moments from his life–the stuff most would want swept under the nearest rug. He does this while interweaving his thoughts about spirituality, in effect whisking you away to another world. Hard to do for non-fiction. This is an easy and short must-read (only 100 pages) that will make you stop and think. All you have to do is sit back, park your ego, and open your mind.
Judy McFarlane –

It’s an amazing read. If anyone feels low and depressed about their life’s path it’s an unbelievably inspiring book.
John Prescod By Lt. Colonel John Prescod

Saved from Suicide by the Lord’s Prayer is a refreshing, candid and thought provoking story that I could relate to in many ways being a Royal Military Academy Sandhurst graduate, military officer and life affirming person. I read this book nonstop to page 100 in the last chapter. It was easy reading with transfixing life survival drama, soul searching struggles and spiritual awakening. Jobson’s courage to openly share very intimate and personal life experiences will resonate with millions of people worldwide. This book is recommended to persons with an enquiring mind and anyone seeking a personal relationship with God the Creator in order to live our lives to the fullest. The next time I am asked to lead in prayer it will be The Lord’s Prayer.