Father and son. Bobby and Kris JobsonBorn in Jamaica in a Roman Catholic family Oliver intuitively became a mystic and  spent much of his youth in exploring his “inner being”. His discovery of scientific and metaphysical secrets in the Bible further helped mold his philosophy.


Capt. Bobby Jobson JDF 1970 (1)

Shortly after graduating high school in Jamaica, he attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England, and spent 11 years in the Army, retiring his Queen’s Commission as a Captain and Battle Group Commander. Gaining vast experience after in his 20+ years of international business he finally left corporate life to write, help people and concentrate on his natural gifts, particularly in spiritual counseling.



Oliver on Int. Military Pilgrimage 1966- Luordes, FranceThe question of who we are is reflected throughout his writings that guide
readers to look within. Introducing the process of introspection, a deeper
understanding and sense of self is created. His stories reflect a harmony of
communication with the Universal Consciousness for those open to listening.