In The Light by Oliver H. Bobby Jobson

April 19, 2016

This is my first blog in months and having taken a hiatus I am thrusting out again, after redefining my objective. I am not writing for popularity but for a purpose which is to awaken my readers to a single concept which shall be explained later.

In keeping with the objective of my blog, I have captioned my website with the heading ‘Re-inventing the Self’ to harmonize with what I am now sharing with you. In light of this, I had USIS Technology in India build me a website that introduces me, explaining exactly what I am about. Of the many web designers I interviewed, I found the members of USIS Technologies having the unique ability to translate my thoughts, desires, philosophy and objective in a deep but simple and effective manner…you be the judge! Check out my website at

My future blogs will be about deep matters concerning the human spirit with the objective of sharing a sense of purpose to help improve all my readers spiritually and mentally and, as a result, in their very actions as well. Having had the privilege of experiencing a major near death experience (NDE) as a child and another as an adult, it certainly awakened me to a deeper sense of life. Actually, it opened me up to a level of communication and understanding that seemed to come out of the blue.

Naturally this awakening fascinated me as I discovered from youthful days that because information was flowing through me like an open faucet, I was learning at the same time as I was gaining valuable knowledge from source unknown at the time. This made me feel like a vacuum sucking information from the celestial realms or like a highly absorbent blotter.

In real terms I felt very blessed and tried to explain much of this in my first book that was published in June 2005. It was consequential that this level of communication, both in receiving a giving, heightened my level of awareness and made it so fine-tuned that I was conscious of everything happening within all my six senses.

In all my writings I have tried to make my readers aware that although Jesus Christ is the God of Christians, as well as the other Gods of other religions, the actual word ‘God’ refers to the penultimate omnipresent, omniscient, omnivorous intelligent Energy or consciousness permeating this entire universe, dimensions and more. This Energy is already expressed and realized by scientist as a dance of Light throughout and is mentioned in all holy books of the world; it is the reference to this Light.

Therefore, all the Deities referred to as God are so revered because they have cracked the Infinite code and become One with that Energy and are able to exhibit many, or, in some cases, all the qualities resulting from that fusion. It’s at that point that they are referred to as the Lord.

It is from that base of understanding that made me, from my childhood days, realize that we tend to complicate the simplicity of life by making things more complex than they actually are.
In my next blog I will carry on with my discourse from this point of my single concept.